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Create a living expert on your codebase
Human quality assistance with your codebase
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Create a Wikipedia style on your codebase
Full codebase awareness
Always up to date documentation


“An AI-generated wiki for your codebase. Could be game-changing for engineering onboarding.”

Guillermo Rauch
CEO of Vercel

“Great idea I haven't seen before! Up to date wikis for code. Would love to subscribe and get update diffs!”

Alex Graveley
Creator of GitHub Copilot

“Wow this is awesome! Well done!”

Predrag Gruevski
Fmr Principal Engineer @ Kensho

“But this may be the coolest application that actually works today... No more outdated docs, stale comments, or knowledge silos.”

Andrew Carr
Ex Member of Technical Staff @ OpenAI

“This is pretty incredible, are docs dead?”

Kyle Caverly
Fmr Lead Quant @ OMERS Capital

“This is cool!”

Anthony Goldbloom
Former CEO of Kaggle


Wiki article

Each article is automatically generated from your codebase and stays up-to-date with AI.

AI Chat

Extract answers quickly with AI chat and a non-technical mode for the whole team.


Revise sections or the whole article with AI, either manually or with the help of AI.



Free for open source

$2and up

    • Generation
    • Monthly updates
    • Revise with instruction
    • Code architecture diagrams
    • Update on PRs (CI/CD integration)



    • Everything in Basic
    • Higher quality model
    • Better decomposition
    • More detailed answers



Book demo
    • Everything in Premium
    • Priority support
    • Org mode
    • Enterprise support and training
    • Fine tuning
    • On prem functionality


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Our mission is to 10x productivity and satisfaction for software engineers. We believe the recent advances in AI will unlock new ways of programming that won't look like a traditional IDE or version control system.


Our team features a gold medal national programming competition champion, as well as a former physicist and former members of DeepMind, Amazon, and OpenAI. We pride ourselves on doing a lot with a small team. Interested in joining our high-performance team? Check out our careers page.


We're happy to have taken part in the W22 Y Combinator batch and to be backed by AIX Ventures alongside many angels and technology executives.


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