About us


We believe the future of software development is AI accelerated. Our long term mission is to enable programmers to move at the speed of thought. We also believe the recent advances in AI will unlock new ways of programming beyond the pre AI accelerated stack that won't look like a traditional IDE or version control system.


Our team features a gold medal national programming competition champion and multiple ex Googlers. We pride ourselves of doing a lot with a small team. Interested in joining?! Check out our careers page.


Omar Shams is the Founder CEO of MutableAI. Most recently a Staff ML Engineer at Apple working on Siri. Omar also worked at DeepMind and Google. Omar has published work on Reinforcement Learning & GraphNets in NeurIPS. Omar was part of a small team that developed a music recommender that tied Amazon Music in a live bake off. Omar holds three patents in the recommender space. Omar was a Theoretical Particle Physicist and is a CMU alum.


We're proud to be part of the W22 Y Combinator batch and to be backed by AIX Ventures, NKM, Leonis and current and former executives of major technology companies.