Integration Testing with integration testing makes it much easier to create integration tests with AI.

  • Automatically build tests that ensure your micro-services work together correctly.
  • Each service can be tested independently, avoiding running your entire production production system for testing. This means the number of tests you need will scale linearly with the number of services you have instead of quadratically as is typical.
  • Does not require sensitive customer data.

AI Contract Test Generation automatically identifies micro-services that interface with each other and writes contract tests for you from scratch. Contract tests created run in open source systems like Pact Broker allowing you to avoid loading an intricate multi service call stack or interacting with sensitive customer data. The AI can also help update existing tests to cover new functionality as the System Under Test (SUT) changes.

Automatic Coverage Analysis

Our AI Contract Testing technology doesn’t just generate tests. It also continuously analyzes your codebase to proactively identify gaps in your existing test coverage. The system will automatically propose new tests.

Security and Privacy

We understand how valuable your code is. never trains on any customer code without permission, and uses end-to-end encryption of your data. We also support on-prem deployments for enterprise customers who need everything to run on their VPC.

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