Privacy Policy

TL;DR (non legalese)

Your source code will never be shared directly, or become part of a generative model shared with other users. We may evaluate the efficacy of our algorithms on your data in an aggregated manner. There may be occasional spot checks by a trusted employee with user registration data stripped or with your consent during a support request.

Your privacy is of paramount important to us

MutableAI, Corp. ("MutableAI", "we", "our", or "us") is absolutely commited to securing information

Information we collect

- Registration data (such name, email address, time of signup)
- Data Submitted to our Backend (request type, request data such as code)
- Tracking, Usage, Cookies (whether a result is accepted or not, cookies, statistical identifiers, IP)

How your data is protected

Your data lives in secure AWS databases, using limited IAM roles and 2FA, and not distributed on company or personal devices

Access and Correct Information

You may request data deletion subject to any legal and regulatory requirements

Data Sharing

Your data might be shared with third party APIs such an an ML API with the requirements of the third party matching the privacy requirements we outline here and ONLY for the purposes of improving the product (e.g. API call to an ML model owned by a third party that matches our privacy policy) and never for a tertiary purpose (e.g. a vendor seeking a list of customers).


We may modify this policy at will, any large departures will be prominently displayed before changes are made.


Email with the subject "MUTABLEAI PRIVACY"